The liberal lexicon

I had thought with Trump’s election that the liberals would slow down their rhetoric. That does not seem to be the case. As such, I thought a refresher on the real meanings of words liberals are fond of might be in order.

Tax the rich — What liberals promise to do to support their unlimited spending promises. The rhetoric sounds good to the typical uniformed voter and those already receiving government handouts. Unfortunately, the top 10 percent of income earners already pay almost 80 percent of the total taxes. That means that “the rich” must be extended to the middle class in order for Uncle Sam to pay his bills. You didn’t know you were rich?

Investment — The process of the government taking money from the rich (see above) and passing it out in the form of favored contracts to their cronies and donors. A side benefit is that something might actually be built or repaired, such as a road, but only at a cost several times higher than could normally be obtained. It’is also what liberals promise to do to buy votes. For example, “We will invest in education.” They must be successful, because spending federal money on public education for the last 40 years has resulted in the U.S. slipping when compared to other countries.

Fair share — What liberals believe you should pay for their benefit. Only they are capable of determining what that amount is. If you take advantage of the many tax breaks they have enacted for their cronies, you are illegally avoiding your fair share. Unless, of course, you are a large favored company like General Electric, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, or a large Wall Street firm.

Middle class — Those hard working people, mainly found in flyover country, who must be tolerated during election years and April 15 of each year and ignored the rest of the time.

Unity — What we use to get you to do things our way even though we lost.

Immigrant — One who enters this country from another country. There is no longer any distinction as to how they get here. Following the existing immigration laws are not humane. Once here, they are considered citizens. This is not to be confused with the antiquated term of “illegal immigrants” who from now on will be known as Democrat voters.

Obamacare — The planned failure of quasi-private health care and the stepping stone to single payer government care. This legislation is compliments of Harry Reid. May he reap what he has sown. I suggest that the next time his exercise machine attacks him, he must wait in line like everyone else.

Free college tuition — A promise intended to buy votes from a sadly under-informed and under-educated youth. Under this scenario, you can attend college for free to obtain any useless degree you wish and still be unemployed after you graduate.

This plan will diminish the college degree, with a few exceptions, to nearly worthless in the workplace. Since you didn’t have to pay for it, it will be less dear to you. Sadly, what is “free” now will be paid dearly for later.

This isn’t who we are — The liberal catch-all avoidance answer when confronted with facts they can’t rebut. It is also interchangeable with “We are better than that.”

Second Amendment — That pesky Constitutional add-on that keeps liberals afraid to implement their agenda full bore. That is why they keep trying to erode it.

First Amendment — The next add-on liberals will attack to prevent those who oppose them from outing their agenda.

Hate Speech — What liberals invoke when confronted with facts that shatter their beliefs.

Free Speech — What liberals demand, unless it involves statements that don’t agree with their message. See Hate Speech above.

Freedom of the press- Special protections the media expects in order to falsify information without restraint or consequence in order to further their agenda.

Second Hand Smoke — A dangerous substance that might be inhaled from someone else burning nasty corporate products. Unlike tobacco smoke, however, marijuana smoke apparently does not meet this criteria.

Climate change — What has occurred naturally for millennia but now suddenly endangers our very existence. Liberals claim it is settled science but cannot definitively answer any question that seeks facts to support that claim. Formerly known as Global Cooling, then Global Warming.

Tolerance — The ability of liberals demand to present their position while simultaneously demeaning those who disagree.

I am out of space. Hope this helps the next time you tune in to liberal talking heads on mainstream media.

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