America needs more mentors, life coaches

A growing career industry across the country is life coaching. People are actually going into private practice opening offices and spending hours every week giving direction to people and a listening ear. We have had psychiatrists and other mental health workers for years but now people are training to help others with just the most basic types of problems and questions.

We live in an age where people are more desperate than ever for somebody to talk to. People have problems from spiritual, financial, to making daily decisions. People wonder about what to do with their lives. They don’t know how to get a job or what opportunities might exist for them. Millions of American kids pass through twelve grades of school and graduate clueless about what to do next.

More than ever people need to know that their lives are not in vain. They do not exist to just create social media postings in hopes that a few people will “like” them. They need to know that if they do not make a television reality show that they are still okay because every day they exist in their own reality show. The reality is that each American has an opportunity to have a real life. Life is never free from hurdles, work, challenges and usually grit and grind. However, there are ways to navigate the maze of living life.

Bad things happen to people. People are brought up in broken homes, by single parents, in poverty, and surrounded by domestic violence. The scenarios are endless. This is why more than ever we need everyday life coaches who can help people with the simplest of life’s quests.

I understand that not every counselor has an immediate answer to every person’s questions. However, answers are available and often a steady mind with a listening ear can help someone find an answer.

Some people need help from a medical professional. Some need help from licensed clinical counselors. Many today just need some basic common sense direction.

Churches today are utilizing Life Coaches. Sometimes it’s a trained minister but other occasions exist where there is a trained Life Coach connected to the church whose job is to help those in the community to find direction and guidance.

In reality, it’s the job every parent should do. Unfortunately parents have either dropped the ball, flown the coup or just cannot pull their own lives together. Sadly in America we have so many dysfunctional families that life coaches are needed to help mom and dad as much as the young teens struggling in these scenarios.

More than ever these young men and women need community leaders, mentors and coaches with a listening ear and commonsense advice for living and achieving a better life.

Glenn Mollette is a national columnist published in all 50 states.


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