Beverly Johnson: Building ‘biggest little office in town’

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson

Nestled right on main street, Beverly Realty Inc. founded and run by its owner, Beverly Johnson, is considered one of the oldest and successful real estate and property management business in the valley. Started in 1983, Beverly likes to call her business “the biggest little office in town.”

A look at their portfolio showcases how variedly successful this business is in both property management and real estate. Their clients and properties cover most of the valley including Gardnerville, Minden, Genoa, Lake Topaz, Carson City and Dayton. The bustling office comprises of four full-time property management assistants, four licensed real estate agents, and a full maintenance crew available 24/7.

Beverly remains at the helm of her namesake business stating the reason she has not retired yet is because she “loves what she does.” She elaborates she “still gets a thrill every time her company acquires a new property to manage, no matter how big or small.”

Little did Beverly know her fascination with real estate and her decision to get licensed would result in a flourishing business over time. She said initially she did real estate on the side, not realizing then that she would be able to create a bonafide career.

When asked about her rationale in opening her own company she said circumstances led her to that decision — she had attained enough experience in rental management, and had gained a substantial client base, and a solid reputation.

She attributes the success of her company to her good work ethics and strong determination. She said she never complained about the long hours, and the harder she worked the more successful she became. She was motivated in being able to provide a good living for her children.

However, in terms of work-life balance, she emphasized her children came first. She elaborated she never missed her children’s school activities, and though she worked long hours, she always made time for them.

In the beginning, Beverly said that property management business was a rarity in the valley. Therefore when she started her own company, she was able to capitalize on offering her clients her property management services. Slowly but gradually, her efficient service attracted more and more clients ultimately exceeding 1,000 rentals.

She said she never wanted a large enterprise. Her current size allows her company to provide meticulous, timely, and effective services for her clients.

“I turned down property management jobs in Reno because it was too far, and I may not be able to attend to it as best as I can to the ones in town and in Carson City,” she said.

Beverly values loyalty and long-established relationships with her employees. She named several staffers who have been with her company for 20 years. She praised their dedication, commitment, and performance to their clients.

She also values providing continued robust services to her clients who have been with her for several years. She said the better her services are for her clients, the more inclined they will be in acquiring more properties.

When asked to sum up her success in property management and real estate business, Beverly said, “I used to say I had good luck all this time, but then a friend told me what do you mean by luck? You’re not lucky, you are a hard working woman.”


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