Carson City Supervisor Karen Abowd holding monthly walkabout meeting Friday

Supervisor Karen Abowd of Ward 1 is hosting her monthly Walkabout meeting on Friday in Mills Park.

Everyone is invited to attend, whether they reside in Ward 1 or not.

“This will be a great time to enjoy this wonderful, long-awaited sunshine,” said Abowd. “I would also like to hear from people their storm-related concerns or about any damage that may not be on the radar and how their neighborhoods came through.”

Abowd also said that low-cost loans are being made available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for some damages not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Also, Abowd also would like to discuss the south corridor improvement project.

To be a part of the conversation, meet at noon on the steps of Carson City Community Center. Take a sack lunch, if desired.


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