Tisdale graduates from undergraduate pilot training

U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Anthony L. Tisdale has graduated from Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training at at Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

This 54-week pilot training program begins with a six-week preflight phase of academics and physical training to prepare students for flight. The second phase, primary training, is conducted in the single-engine, turboprop T-6A Texan II. Primary training takes approximately 23 weeks and includes 254 hours of ground instruction, 27 hours in the flight simulator and 89 hours in the T-6A aircraft.

After primary training, students select, by order of merit, advanced training in the fighter-bomber or airlift-tanker track. Training for the fighter track is done in the T-38C Talon, a tandem-seat, twin-engine supersonic jet. The airlift-tanker track uses the T-1A Jayhawk, the military version of a multi-place Beech Jet 400 business jet. Both tracks are approximately 26 weeks and are designed to best train pilots for successful transition to their follow-on aircraft and missions.

Tisdale is the son of Rochelle A. Tisdale, brother of Dalton L. Kaady-Tisdale, and grandson of Lee and Pat Tisdale, all of Fallon.

He is a 2009 graduate of Churchill County High School. He earned a bachelor’s degree in 2013 from the University Of Nevada, Reno.


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