UNCE beef feedlot school teaches nutrition, profits

UNCE presents a Beef Feedlot School whereby classes are geared toward cattle producers.

UNCE presents a Beef Feedlot School whereby classes are geared toward cattle producers.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension will be hosting a “Beef Feedlot School,” 9 a.m.–3 p.m., March 24 and 31 at Western Nevada Cattle Feeders, 2105 N. Meridian Road in Lovelock.

The classes are geared toward cattle producers and will focus on beef feedlot nutrition, maximizing profits by increasing feed efficiency and using byproducts to reduce feed costs.

”This course will benefit local beef producers who have feedlots and/or who finish their cattle on their own ranches for local markets or their own consumption,” said Pershing County Extension Educator Steve Foster.

Attendees will hear presentations from Francis Fluharty, Ohio State University research professor in animal sciences; Melanie Hamilton, office manager for Western Nevada Cattle Feeders; and Foster. Hamilton and Foster will present live, while Fluharty will be featured in videos from the Ohio State University website.

Topics on March 24 include ...

Industry Update, Ruminant Digestive Physiology and Rumen Function, presented by Fluharty.

Protein Digestion and Metabolism, Protein Sources, presented by Fluharty.

Overview of Western Nevada Cattle Feeders, presented by Hamilton.

Topics on March 31 include ...

Receiving and Growing Strategies for Calves Versus Yearlings, and Holstein Growing and Finishing, presented by Fluharty.

Methodologies to Enhance Marbling and Feed Efficiency, presented by Fluharty.

Utilizing Ultrasound to Sort Cattle for Selling on the Grid, presented by Foster.

The school is sponsored by Westway Feed Products and Western Nevada Cattle Feeders. Register by March 22 by contacting Dixie McKay, mcayd@unce.unr.edu, or 775-273-2923.


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