‘The Legend of the Washo Gold’ novel by Jon Budd centres on Washoe Tribe

An adventure-fiction novel about the struggle of the Washo American Indians during the infamous 1849 California Gold Rush is available.

“The Legend of the Washo Gold” by Jon Budd uses ancient Washoe mythology to tell a story of how the tribe eventually prospered during tumultuous Gold Rush era. The story travels in time to the initial gold discovery at Sutter’s Mill, the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, then into modern times. The tale features Lake Tahoe, Cave Rock, Washo Cosmology, gold treasure, earthquakes and San Francisco.

The author, an anthropologist specializing in Native Americans, has over 20 years of experience studying Native American archeology, history, mythology, and religion. He lived near Lake Tahoe while he worked for the Forest Service as an archeologist and now resides in San Marcos, Texas.

The 223-page book is available on Amazon in both digital and paperback formats.


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