Two Assemblymen call for banning slow drivers from the fast lane

In separate pieces of legislation, two Republican members of the Assembly want slow drivers barred from using the fast lane.

Elko’s John Ellison and Las Vegas’s Chris Edwards introduced Assembly Bill 334 and AB329 respectively. Both measures would direct law enforcement to ticket drivers who are traveling at a speed markedly lower than traffic in the left-hand lanes of a multi-lane highway. The bills both propose those drivers be required to move into a slower right-hand lane to make way for drivers moving faster than they are. The LCB descriptions of both bills are the same down to the fines a ticket would impose — $50 for a first offense, $100 for the second and $250 for the third in a seven-year period.

Edwards’ bill adds a requirement the Department of Transportation erect signs and make other reasonable attempts to notify the public of the new law so slow drivers know they’re legally required to get out of the way.

The bills were referred to the Transportation Committee for review.


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