Nevada Humane Society: Angel Pets deserve a second chance

“I’m Monkey. I’m an Angel Pet. I need some extra special care and I’m dreaming of a home. Can you help with that?”

Monkey is one of over a dozen Angel Pets who are featured for a special adoption campaign. Nevada Humane Society is raising awareness for them, as Angel Pets highlight those who are in need of a loving home even more than anyone else. From May 2 through May 10, you can visit with these precious pets and fall in love yourself, thanks to a grant provided by Petco Foundation. All Angel Pets available for adoption are currently at the Reno shelter at 2825 Longley Lane.

“The Angel Pets program is designed to help geriatric pets or those with chronic medical conditions, such as a thyroid condition, find loving homes,” said Kimberly Wade, Senior Manager of Communications and Events for Nevada Humane Society. “Of course we feel that all of our homeless pets deserve love, but these guys and gals carry an even bigger need, which is why we’re raising awareness for especially them.”

Angel Pets offer companionship, unconditional love and every other benefit a pet provides — but they too need something in return. Whether a prescription diet or daily medications, Angel Pets need a family who will commit to them and be there for them in sickness and health — and Nevada Humane Society is here to provide medical care, training, and support for any condition these animals may have — all thanks to funding by Petco Foundation.

“Many people express interest in adopting a pet with special needs but do not have the financial means to do so. Under the Angel Pets program, Nevada Humane Society eases the burden of caring for that pet while the adopter gives the pet a chance to live a healthy life outside of the shelter,” said Denise Stevens, COO for Nevada Humane Society.

Adoption fees are waived for all Angel Pets. In addition, medical care relating to their condition is covered in the Nevada Humane Society veterinary clinic. Standard adoption policies apply. All cats and dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Nevada Humane Society is open for adoptions seven days a week at two locations from 11am to 6:30pm and an hour earlier at 10am on Saturday. For pet adoptions in Reno, visit 2825 Longley Lane. For pet adoptions in Carson City, visit 549 Airport Road.

For information, visit or call 775-856-2000.


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