Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nation’s supply of meds must be protected

Sen. Bernie Sanders has set out to convince Congress and the American people that importing drugs from abroad will benefit consumers and produce more affordable drugs. Importation will do no such thing. In fact, if importation is allowed, Americans will be at greater risk of buying a drug that is substandard, adulterated, or fake.

Currently, the Federal Drug Administration has an airtight quality control system for America’s drugs on the market that keeps patients safe. Patient safety and the high quality of our medicine is a cornerstone of our healthcare system. The FDA lacks the resources to ensure the same quality for imported drugs. Recently, four previous FDA commissioners stated it would be nearly impossible to have the same level of control given the number of origins and pathways of imported drugs.

As Vice President of Government Affairs of the Retail Association Chain Drug Council, I’m acutely aware of our states many deaths due to the same second-rate and dangerous fake drugs brought in from the black market.

I urge Sen. Heller to protect our nation’s drug supply by maintaining access to safe medicines. Importation is dangerous and not in the best interest of anyone depending on effective and safe pharmaceuticals.

Liz MacMenamin

Vice President of Government Affairs, Retail Association Chain Drug Council

Sen. Heller’s plan to rewrite Endangered Species Act is unwise

An article from Associated Press appearing in the Appeal on April 30 reveals Sen. Dean Heller’s efforts to gut the Endangered Species Act.

His justification for this legislation is “because environmentalists increasingly use the act as a tool to block development of public and private lands at the expense of economic growth,” (read: “private profits”).

This shows that Heller clearly understands the intent of the act in the first place, but apparently, as a legislator, is not concerned with those on the planet who cannot vote nor with the effect removing protections would have on their existence.

P.S. If the “economic interests” weren’t hellbent on attacking natural resources on all sides, there would be no need for the law in the second place.

I’m not a Bible expert, but I recall something about our being stewards of the environment.

Janet Walls


Negative impacts of marijuana on community made clear

Along with others, I would like to acknowledge the good sense of the Douglas County public officials to opt out of medical and recreational marijuana.

It’s too bad we didn’t do the same here in Carson City, but you can’t close the lid on Pandora’s Box once opened.

After attending a meeting at the Brewery Arts Center some time back on the pros and cons of marijuana, the Denver District Attorney made a compelling case against it. So much so, you would think a reasonable person would not support the concept.

We need to look beyond the concept of it just being a “cash cow” and/or the questionable influence of the Clark County voters and their elected legislative members. Now the Legislature is proposing marijuana social clubs. What’s next — designated public pot smoking areas?

Dave Aunkst

Carson City

Passage of SB308 will hurt Nevadans

The capacity and willingness of our representatives to impose hardship on those least able to afford it never ceases to amaze me. Case in point, state Senate Bill 308.

This bill doubles the minimum liability requirements for car insurance. Who will this affect the most? Not people with new cars and full coverage, but seniors, the poor, the working poor, single mothers, anyone disadvantaged or trying to get by on a limited income who can’t afford anything more. This is not a luxury. The state mandates coverage. At the risk of a huge fine, vehicle impoundment, even jail time.

What is the logic behind this? “Well, other states have higher limits.” This is true, but our nearest neighbors, California and Arizona, seem to be just fine with the 15/30 rates.

This bill has 27 sponsors and is sure to pass. We know who you are. I hope the insurance company lobbyists have fattened your campaign chests sufficiently — you’re going to need it.

In short, get ready for a nasty surprise from your insurance company after July 1. This is paltry compared to what D.C. wants to do to these people. Kick 20 million off their insurance? Slash Medicaid? Defund Planned Parenthood? Defund public broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts? Meals on Wheels? Housing and utility subsidies?

Heller, Amodei, these are on you. Dante said, “The darkest depths of the inferno are reserved for those that remain neutral in times of moral crisis.” Perhaps if the dire musings of 13th century poets don’t scare you, how about an even older quote? “What you do to the least of these you do unto me.” I don’t think that one needs any attribution.

Patrick McGuire

Carson City

Speaker Paul Ryan in over his head

As a Janesville, Wis., child of privilege, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a textbook juvenile in an unmitigated adult job.

Don Carlson

Carson City


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