Food and Farm Communications Fund Partners with AIANTA to Grow Tribal Agri-Tourism

Albuquerque, New Mexico — With the support of the Food and Farm Communications Fund, the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) has launched a new Tribal and Native Nations Agri-Tourism Product Development Training pilot program.

Agri-tourism is a growing trend, bringing visitors to rural farmlands and farming communities and AIANTA intends to help Indian Country respond to the growing demand. There is significant interest in promoting and supporting culturally specific agricultural techniques and historic plant varieties across native nations.

With the expansion of tribal tourism products and corresponding marketing efforts, we are working to increase travelers to Indian Country through increased awareness and promotion.

“We want to provide information about the agritourism programs and products that are available from American Indian farmers and ranchers,” said AIANTA Executive Director Camille Ferguson. “We are also looking for farmers and ranchers who are interested in developing agritourism.”

The pilot project will include the following activities:

• Identify and catalogue agri-tourism efforts in Indian Country to facilitate networking and sharing of best practices.

• Highlight tribal agri-tourism products in AIANTA’s Destination Indian Country Blog, and monthly e-newsletter round up.

• Training for inclusion of tribal agri-tourism businesses and products on AIANTA’s destination website to promote tribal agri-tourism products to the domestic and international markets.

• Create a tribal agri-tourism resource page on to include online resources, available trainings, networks and events.

• Create case studies of tribal agri-tourism programming and best practices to include community development process, funding, personnel, and sustainability. The case studies will be accessible on AIANTA’s website and as an Agri-tourism training/overview for tribes and tribal businesses at the American Indian Tourism Conference (AITC) to be hosted by the Oneida Tribe in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Sept 11-14.

The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit association of American Indian tribes, tribal tourism, cultural and private sector representatives, representatives from the tourism industry. The association is made up of representatives from six regions: Alaska, Eastern, Midwest, Pacific, Plains and the Southwest. AIANTA’s mission is to define, introduce, grow and sustain American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian tourism that honors traditions and values. ❂


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