Fallon grads look toward the future

In two days amore than 200 graduates from Churchill County High School will take their final march to the football field to receive their diplomas and conclude their 12 years of education before setting off on new ventures.

Likewise, the first graduating class of seniors from Oasis Academy College Prep received their diplomas Friday in a historic moment for that school’s short history.

Just as impressive were the number of high-school Jump Start students who received an associate degree from Western Nevada College on Monday. Not only did these students satisfy their high-school requirements, but they also completed a prescribed course of study at WNC.

For many students from both graduating classes, they will continue their education either at a four-year university or two-year junior or community college; some will attend a vocational school; others will join the military; some will immediately go to work.

We also congratulate the hundreds of students who received their WNC degrees and now look toward the future. Major decisions await our graduates. For those continuing their education in one form or another, students will pursue a course of study that may lead some of them to be our next generation of physicians, dentists and lawyers. Others may opt for the vocational pathway and become our next generation of high-tech auto mechanics, plumbers and electricians.

No doubt our area’s changing business climate is changing students’ goals as the economy diversifies. Many of them have vowed to continue their studies and attend the University of Nevada, Reno or another institution of higher learning out of state.

Even more satisfying is seeing the number of local graduates from WNC, a big increase from several years ago.

Other students may decide to wait on pursuing their education and, instead, join the military. The United States continually relies on young men and women to serve their country, protecting it from both foreign and domestic enemies. After joining the military, scores of young recruits eventually take classes while in pursuit of a college degree. Even with the current status of the military, the armed services still need bright, dedicated and eager people to serve, some deciding to stay 20 years for a career.

For others, graduation ceremonies may be the end of their formal education as they opt to enter the workforce and learn a trade while on the job.

Yet, the dedication of all students, teachers, professors and the community have ensured a bright future will be in the hands of this year’s graduating students.

To all graduates — young and old — good luck in your future endeavors. Seek new challenges, push ahead and leave your mark on society as many before you have.

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