Past Pages for Saturday, May 27, 2017

150 Years Ago

Jule Bulette: John Millen sat up with the corpse the night after the murder. He had the audacity to march in the funeral procession, wearing a large crape on his arm. Previous to coming to Virginia City he was married to a beautiful woman in San Francisco who died mysteriously after three weeks of marriage.

130 Years Ago

Tries to devour Officer Furlong: The “man-eater” was in Sweeny’s saloon when the barkeeper was closing up. He was ordered to leave, but declined saying the surroundings of the place suited him. Sweeny sent for officer Furlong who ordered the “man-eater” out. Furlong grabbed the man by the collar, and there was a lively fracas. The “man-eater” began to eat his midnight lunch off Furlong — but ended up in jail.

120 Years Ago

Carnival: The Beasley-Talbert Carnival came over on the Virginia and Truckee by special train. Attractions are many and include — Siret, the famous dancer and the Australian giantess, the biggest woman in the world. The Carson City band will furnish the music.

110 Years Ago

All sorts: Mr. Wils Brougher (of Brougher-Bath home) is erecting a large building on his lot that will be used for stable and automobile purposes (stable is still there).

70 Years Ago

All sorts: John Nulty, state highway photographer, returned to Carson City after a photo-taking trip to southern Nevada.

20 Years Ago

Lake Tahoe prepares: President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore will be visiting the Tahoe basin. Approximately 100 people will be there to discuss water quality, transportation and forest restoration issues.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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