Patricia “Funny” Godowa Lundy

May 8, 1959 ~ May 20, 2017

Patricia passed away in CA on May 20, 2017 surrounded by her loving family.

Patricia “Funny” Godowa Lundy was born to James Godowa Jr. and Shirley Crain on May 8, 1956 in Oregon.

Pat lived in Woodfords with her husband Uddy, daughter Shirley, sons Trevor, Conrad, Chris Lundy, and grandchildren Kristelle, Lauren, Carl, Lena.

Patricia was preceeded in death by her parents James Godowa and Shirley Crain; brothers “Blink” Irving Kirk, Preston Godowa; sisters Shirlene Norwest, Serena Crain, Paula, Gina, Leah, and Missy Godowa.

Funeral services will be held at the Woodfords HUNG A LEL TI Gym on Wednesday May 31, 2017 at 11 AM. Burial will be held at the Woodfords Cemetery, and a pot luck dinner at the Woodfords Gym. You may contact Dinah at (530)-694-2984 if

you have any questions.


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