Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017

Local streets falling into disrepair

Yep! Greenbacks are growing on trees in Carson City — the trees are turning golden in color, but it is not gold.

Our city leaders are spending money to apply more cosmetics to our downtown districts, namely Curry Street plus one alley.

The idea and wishes are good, but how about some of our neighborhood streets, namely Northview and Valley View drives? They have been on the city’s list of worst streets for a couple of years. These streets were to be taken care of once the sewer lines were in place. Implementation was 2002?

Last week a rainstorm produced six different puddles on Northview. After two more days, these puddles were providing breeding grounds for mosquitos and further destroying the street.

One of our city managers told me that our streets would have to turn to gravel before it would be taken care of because there is no money.

However, our city trails are being repaired. Koontz Drive was recently repaved. Since the freeway was completed, the traffic has slowed on Koontz Drive. Have priorities and common sense been lost?

Bob Grosulak

Carson City

Wild horse birth control program should be restored

Gov. Sandoval: One of your posts needs to be removed from his position, and that person is James Barbee, director of the Nevada Division of Agriculture.

This man has repeatedly allowed his personal likes and dislikes to influence his decisions, which makes his judgments biased. Now he has severed ties with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign. This group was sponsoring the birth control program for the state-owned Virginia Range wild horses. This group and its volunteers have done an outstanding job of documenting the horses and darting them for the birth control, which I might add costs the state nothing.

Why would this man do this to something which was working? His judgments are clouded and I think you should intervene and reinstate this program. This is something that needs to continue for the control and preservation of the wild horses.

Why remove any program that has so many positives? Perhaps this is just another case of him not liking someone which has proved to be the truth in the past.

Karen Albany


Condolences to Dodgers pitchers

Dodgers pitchers Morrow and Darvish earned condolence flowers. Can someone send them via FTD?

Russ Law

Carson City

Local business shouldn’t get advertisement space in Appeal

The Nevada Appeal is supposed to be a family newspaper. I encourage my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to read it. To advertise “houses of prostitution” does not seem to be in keeping with a family newspaper.

If this is continued, I will cancel my subscription and encourage all families with teens and young children to do the same.

Donna Jensen

Carson City


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