Order of Camel Jockeys donates to Eagle Valley Children’s Home

On Oct. 21, the International Order of Camel Jockeys did its annual presentation to Eagle Valley Children’s Home and contributed $2,550. The presentation was made to Beverly Hennen, EVCH executive director.

Although the camel races in Virginia City started in 1959, the IOCJ has been in existence since 1972. Its charter sets forth EVCH will be the beneficiary of monies raised during camel race week and throughout the year.

The IOCJ members aren’t all jockeys, but they all have the common interest to raise money for EVCH and to help Virginia City with track setup and other tasks.

Fundraising by IOCJ includes a Saturday evening “Hump Ball” with a silent auction, raffle and fundraising help from “Candy’s Girls,” who dress in period costumes designed by Noelle Young.

Beverly Hennen thanks the IOCJ for the annual contributions.

“Thank you so much for everything the IOCJ contributes to support EVCH. You have been dear friends to us for decades,” Hennen said.

This year’s donation will be used for the purchase of a prone stander, a therapeutic device designed to help handicapped users increase their ability to stand.

For information about the IOCJ or to become a member, contact Mike Jennings at coniejennings100794@msn.com, or Donna Artz at swsranch@charter.net.


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