Carson Middle School students pay tribute to those who served

In observance of Veterans Day, Carson Middle School assembled an annual concert for the men and women who served, including active military and family members.

But to deliver a patriotic performance such as this goes beyond honoring veterans for many students and staff.

“My dad is currently serving in Iraq, so he couldn’t be here today,” said Abigail Cook, a seventh grader. “But I thank him today as it’s a great way to honor him while he’s serving.”

The Veterans Tribute Concert by CMS choir and band groups welcomed the public Thursday, with a songs dedicated to each military branch.

From “American the Beautiful” to “Danny Boy,” CMS Choir Director Briana Valley said the annual performance was produced for the entire community — another way for Carson City to represent veteran pride.

“During practice, we also talk about why we sing for our veterans,” she said. “It’s different compared to holiday and traditional music, and that’s why it’s important for them to recognize this.”

Grandchildren and other relatives within the school invited many of the veterans and family members who attended — such as Gerald Varin, an Army veteran of the 101st Airborne Division.

He also received a handmade card from his granddaughter, Danielle Varin, who also performed in the program.

“It’s cool they’re letting kids celebrate Veterans Day,” he said. “It means a lot to us, especially to see it at their age.”

Patrick Glancy, a Korean War and Navy veteran, also enjoyed the concert with his family.

“I think it’s very important the students are doing this,” he said. “I think it’s great.”

Many of the students, including the performers, also showed their praise for veterans who lost their lives, in song and in spirit.

“My grandpa served in the Army,” said Natalie McGuire, a seventh grader. “He lost his life during battle but it means a lot to be showing the appreciation he deserves.”


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