Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017

Cast your vote to bring summer music series back to Carson

Carson City, get out and vote. You could help bring the Levitt Amp Concert Series back to Carson for 2018.

Once again, the city has the chance at a $25,000 grant that helps bring a vibrant atmosphere and bring the community together.

This concert series means a lot to everyone involved and is a real treat.

Last year, I only knew of one of the bands listed on the lineup and planned to attend that show. However, on Saturdays when I had nothing else to do, I ended up at the Minnesota Street Stage. I missed a couple of early shows, but once I found out how much fun it was, I couldn’t miss another one.

The concerts bring energy, culture and excitement to Carson every Saturday during the summer. Everybody benefits from it. Residents get great entertainment that they don’t have to travel for. Small businesses like food trucks stay busy feeding attendees. The bands are usually smaller regional acts, and it gives them a chance to play bigger shows and get some exposure.

And, of course, it helps out the Brewery Arts Center and all of the people who work hard to bring events like this to Carson and make it a wonderful place to live. They do a very good job and book concerts that include a different genre each week, so there is something for everybody.

Vote online by Nov. 20 at grant.levittamp.org.

Kyler Klix

Carson City

Cancellation of wild horse fertility program a serious misstep

The fertility control program on the Virginia Range wild horses needs to be resumed immediately.

The American Wild Horse Campaign and the certified darters need to be back in the field doing their work at controlling births. This saves tax dollars and wild horse lives.

Why on earth would a completely privately funded program that benefits all, be canceled? This is beyond comprehension.

Please call on Gov. Sandoval to reinstate this program without delay.

Deborah Walker


City leadership pulls fast one with rate increase

Our city fathers (what would life be without them!) have pulled a fast one.

To those of you with cell phones, the surcharge on your October bill has gone up 75 cents per line. That’s a mere 400 percent increase (old price was 25 cents; new price $1.)

If you had to choose, which would you eliminate? Emergency services, or the people who seem to squander taxpayer dollars? My vote is the latter.

First they raised water almost 70 percent (based on the minimum). And now this.

Truly, there is no shame in this body.

Joseph B. Allegretti

Carson City


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