The Popcorn Stand: Drunk on yoga

I’m not much for yoga and to me this kind of defeats the purpose of yoga, but I guess there are people willing to try anything.

In New York you can now basically get drunk and do yoga at the same time. Yoga instructor Eli Walker now teaches a basic yoga class while offering unlimited wine at the Grey Lady in Manhattan. The hour-long class is $30 and of course you can drink as much as you want.

Walker claims people are more flexible when drunk, but I don’t know about that. Maybe they’re more flexible, but can they stand on their two feet to begin with, although I guess they can just do their stretching from the yoga position.

I mean there’s a reason why law enforcement officers make you walk in a straight line when they suspect you of drunk driving. It just doesn’t seem right to me now there’s a yoga class where designated drivers are needed.

Walker listed other reasons for coming up with idea for drunk yoga is because people have told her they’re not flexible or their afraid of looking stupid. Again, if you’re not flexible or afraid of looking stupid, I don’t know if adding alcohol into the mix is such a good idea.

This yoga class does remind of an episode of one of my favorite classic shows, WKPR in Cincinnati. In the episode, DJs Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap participate in an experiment when they keep drinking and after each drink they have to ring a bell as fast as they can to show how their reflexes are affected. The problem was Johnny Fever actually got quicker at ringing the bell after each drink.

It obviously doesn’t work that way in real life and I don’t think it would work that way with yoga, either.

But at least it seems Walker is most concerned with her students having fun so apparently she’s not drunk with power.

— Charles Whisnand


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