Carson City man arrested after standoff

One Carson City man has been arrested following a four and a half-hour standoff with police Sunday night.

Shane Anderson, 31, of Carson City was arrested on weapons and intimidation charges after telling deputies he wanted to “go out in a blaze of glory.”

Deputies had responded to the 4000 block of Etta Drive on Sunday around 8:06 p.m. after Anderson’s ex-girlfriend called officers stating Anderson had threatened to shoot himself. When deputies arrived on scene, Anderson was in the upstairs window with a shotgun in his hands and “racked” the pump action of the weapon. Reports stated Anderson then pointed the shotgun outside the window down at deputies on scene and yelled “I am going out in a blaze of glory.”

Dispatch reports said Anderson was on the phone with his girlfriend who was on the phone with dispatch saying he was going to shoot any deputies who entered the residence. It was believed at one point Anderson had shot himself after telling his girlfriend he was going to and deputies heard a round fired within the residence.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said the SWAT team and SWAT medics went into the residence and were able to administer immediate first aid in the event Anderson had shot himself.

“We went into it as a safety situation,” Furlong said. “We put the SWAT medics into play so if he was still alive we could get him immediate care.”

A robot from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was used to clear the ground floor and SWAT officers then cleared the second floor before finding Anderson hiding and asleep in one of the rooms, reports said.

“We had exhausted our technical resources and had tactically located him,” Furlong said. “We found him approximate to where he was seen in the window and the shotgun was in close proximity to him.”

It was also discovered the gunshot deputies heard was from Anderson shooting a shell into his door. Reports said there was a hole in the door and peppering around it from the blast.

Anderson was taken into custody without further incident and transported to Carson Tahoe Hospital for a mental health evaluation. He was later cleared and brought back to the Carson City Detention Center

“Our major concern was the amount of force there because we didn’t want this man to be hurt so our officers were challenged because he possessed the means for a deadly encounter and he was sitting in wait and that creates an enormous issue for our officers,” Furlong said. “This is a great example of why this department works so hard with crisis intervention training and de-escalation.

“We never want to see anyone or our officers injured so I would call it a perfect ending, though it was in handcuffs, he was able to walk out of that residence. It is a win/win.”

Anderson was charged with felony assault on a protected person with a dangerous weapon, felony discharging a firearm inside and occupied dwelling, felony intimidation of a public officer with force and drawing a dangerous weapon in a threatening manner.

His bail was set at $50,500.


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