Lawsuit against Nevada state senator dismissed

The Nevada Supreme Court this week dismissed the lawsuit seeking to force Sen. Heidi Gansert from her position as executive director of external relations at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The suit listed Douglas French as plaintiff and charged Gansert was violating Nevada’s constitutional separation of powers by simultaneously holding a job at the university and serving as a legislator.

Gansert, R-Reno, won at the district court level when Carson District Judge Todd Russell dismissed the suit. She had previously called the lawsuit meritless.

The Nevada Policy Research Institute appealed to the Supreme Court but after discussions, withdrew the appeal. That resulted in an order signed Monday dismissing the appeal and closing the case.

French sought the ruling saying he’s qualified for and wanted her job.

Gansert was elected to the state Senate in 2016. She has held the university post since October 2012 but took an unpaid leave of absence during the 2017 Legislature.


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