Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017

Who’s paying for congressional misconduct?

The following is a letter that I sent to my congressional representatives. I would urge all those who are fed up with the misuse of taxpayer funds to do the same:

With all the sexual harassment news in the country lately there has been reference to a, up to now, “secret” fund set up by Congress to pay settlements brought against congressmen and senators for their ill-advised sexual harassment escapades. This is an unacceptable use of public funds.

As a taxpayer for more than 50 years, it concerns me deeply that my tax money is being used for such a purpose. I would urge you to address this issue in the strongest terms and end this fund.

All the money in it should be returned to the Treasury Department for other more appropriate uses. Any misbehavior by those in Congress should be paid out of their pocket and not on the backs of taxpayers.

Thank you for looking out for Nevadans.

David Knighton

Carson City


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