Past Pages for Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017

150 Years Ago

Wildcat ghost: A gentleman, who was looking around the old mining claims on the side of Mount Davidson, entered an old tunnel. He followed its turns and windings a considerable distance when he saw before him two large and flaming eyes, looking like balls of fire. He had the nerve to secure a pretty good view before beating a retreat and satisfied himself that the flaming eyes belonged to a large wild cat. Recently some person, armed with a shotgun went to the tunnel to do battle with the animal, but found it had vacated its den. A large quantity of bones found in the tunnel showed that it had before a long time been the home and headquarters of the beast.

135 Years Ago

All sorts: John Hoey, a Bodie teamster, brought to town a pelican measuring seven feet from tip to tip.

I. H. McTarnahan is in the city. He says that he has a sure enough gold bonanza at Dogtown, Mono County.

John Meder has completed a beautiful waltz that will be published in San Francisco.

120 Years Ago

Headed for Alaska: Henry Fothergill received a postal card from his son Harry dated from Seattle that the boy was to ship that day for Juneau, Alaska. He will proceed to the Klondike in the spring.

110 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Opera House, Sanford B. Ricaby’s and Wm. H. West, ‘Big Jubilee Minstrels’ — 50 singers, dancers, comedians ... music singing, dancing, fun, comedy, laughter. Watch for the big street parade. Prices 50 cents, 75 cents and $1.

70 Years Ago

Photo caption: She will cheer from afar — When Annapolis midshipmen voted Rita Hayworth “the girl we would like to go to the Army-Navy game with,” the blonde movie queen was forced to decline an invitation because of picture commitments. However, she promised to root for the boys in blue.

20 Years Ago

Barbie: Barbie is about to get a makeover. It is the third since being introduced in 1959. Barbie’s new look includes a more normal figure, softer, straighter hair and slightly different features. The average American girl owns eight Barbie’s with sales over $1.6 billion.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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