Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017

Plenty of work needed to boost local schools

I just have a response to the School Board members of Carson City School District in an article in the Sept. 28 paper titled “School board and principals debate proficiency test scores in district.”

It seems some elementary school principals are trying to get a grant so as to improve math and reading test scores in their schools.

Board member Mike Walker added his concerns on how and if the grant will enhance scores in the future.

He said, and I quote, “I’m not sure if bringing in an outside vendor is going to improve the synergy of the schools.” He continued to say, “I’m not sure if that’s going to confuse our efforts.”

Mr. Walker, we have competed for last place in the states in education for over a decade, surely an outside vendor cannot hurt or confuse our ratings.

To board member Ron Swirczek who said he hasn’t seen major improvements with the test scores in the last six years, my confusion is how you can give superintendent Richard Stokes “superior rankings for well over six years.” Superior rankings are for districts that don’t need improvement and from what I have heard, there is plenty of improvement needed in the CCSD.

So, Board members, look in the mirror for the success, or lack thereof, in Carson City School District’s education ratings.

Thank you, teachers and school administrators, that are trying to make a difference, but I am sorry to say you have your hands tied.

Stan Heinrichs

Carson City


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