Carson City health inspections for Sept. 29, 2017

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Sept. 29. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

C-A-L Ranch Stores, 2035 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Carson High School, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 100 points.

Centro Market, bakery, 2794 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Centro Market, grocery, 2794 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Centro Market, produce department, 2794 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Dunkin’ Donuts, 2190 E. William St., 100 points.

Empire Elementary School, 1260 Monte Rosa St., 100 points.

The Feisty Goat Pub, 1881 E. Long St., 100 points.

Francisco’s, bar, 1200 Stewart St., 100 points.

JM Discount Liquor, 1501 E. Fifth St., Suite 102, 100 points.

Mark Twain Elementary School, 2111 Carriage Crest Drive, 100 points.

Papa John’s, 1426 E. William St., Suite 3, 100 points.

Pioneer High School, 202 E. Corbett St., 100 points.

Taco Bell, 3117 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Round Table Pizza, 3325 Retail Drive, 99 points. Pizza scrapers were being stored between work tables and a refrigerator.

Centro Market, meat department, 2794 E. Highway 50, 98 points. Food was being stored in unapproved containers.

El Aguila Real, 3220 E. Highway 50, Suite 6, 98 points. Frozen beef was being improperly thawed in a three-basin sink instead of under cool running water.

Jimmy John’s, 2329 N. Carson St., 97 points. A certified food handler wasn’t on duty.

IHOP, 3883 S. Carson St., 96 points. Chlorine residual was missing from the final rinse cycle of the low-temperature dishwasher.

Brugo’s Pizza Co., 3228 N. Carson St., 93 points. The low-temperature dishwasher was missing chlorine residual in the final rinse cycle. Liquid hand soap was missing from the employee sink, corrected on site.

Centro Market, deli, 2794 E. Highway 50, 92 points. Pork was found at temperatures that support bacterial growth. Food was being stored in unapproved containers. An accurate chemical test kit was needed at the dish washing machine.

Francisco’s, restaurant, 1200 Stewart St., 92 points. Food wasn’t labeled as required and some was found in an unapproved container. The surfaces of cutting boards were chipped, cut or otherwise damaged. Both nonfood and food-contact surfaces of equipment or utensils weren’t clean. Bacterial growth was discovered in the ice machine.

Comma Coffee, 312 S. Carson St., 78 points. The under-counter refrigerator was operating at 47 degrees. An employee was seen touching ready-to-eat foods while not wearing gloves. Flies were found in the food preparation area. Mice feces were found in the dry storage area. Food in the refrigerators and freezers weren’t properly labeled or dated. Bacterial growth was found in the ice machine. Knives were being stored between stainless steel work tables. Sanitizer buckets registered an inadequate amount of chlorine residual.


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