Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017

Responsible mindfulness needed in gun culture

Last week, while driving home from work, I found myself behind a vehicle with a decal on its rear window, the silhouette of a large assault rifle with the words “Soul Reaper” emblazoned across it. When I woke up on Monday and became aware of the worst mass shooting in American history, I couldn’t help but think about that stickered car, the person driving it, their ideas about life and society. How do you justify a message like that, and why?

I am a husband, a father, and a nurse. I want my family and community to be safe and healthy. I have no answers, only a shared sense of grief for the many victims in Sunday’s incident.

To those individuals who live in Northern Nevada and are proud to advertise gun violence, please consider a different approach, one that doesn’t perpetuate pain and suffering, but one that promotes tolerance and dialogue.

Kyle Sharp



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