Grant will support adaptive sports programs for disabled vets in Nevada

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services has received a $46,000 federal grant to support adaptive sports programs for disabled veterans.

A spokesman said the bulk of the money will be spent in the northern part of the state. Sky Tavern, the ski resort owned by the City of Reno but operated as a 501c nonprofit, will get $25,000, and the city of Reno itself $16,000. Most of the remainder, about $3,000, will go to Las Vegas.

Some 50 disabled veterans will participate in a four-day winter camp program at Sky Tavern. Activities will include skiing and snowboarding among other programs.

Reno’s Parks and Recreation department will use its funding for a mini camp for 30 disabled veterans and injured service members for a military sports camp featuring a wide range of activities.

In Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas Adaptive Recreation Department will provide support for some 230 disabled veterans including fishing, adaptive swimming and aquatic therapy.


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