Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017

Reality check for Hillary Clinton and supporters

In early September 2016, a CNN poll showed that 50 percent of the voters felt Trump was more honest and trustworthy than Hillary while 35 percent of the voters felt Hillary was more honest and trustworthy than Trump. One poll had it at 61 percent for Trump and 39 percent for Hillary. These polls were not about gender or race but were about the voter’s perception of the individual candidate’s personal values.

Throughout our history, values, honesty and trustworthiness have been major factors in all elections, local to presidential.

Hillary cannot admit to these values being a factor in the election results as it would probably be an end to her political career and create questions about her entire political life.

Her supporters and the media cannot bring up these values being a factor in her loss as they would then have to explain their reason for supporting her.

Hillary, her supporters and the media, rather than addressing her values, have now taken to trying to present Trump as being more dishonest and less trustworthy than her.

I feel the Democratic Party needs to find honest and trustworthy candidates for future elections.

Sanford E. Deyo



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