Dayton siblings team to find Nevada Day medallion

From left Joseph, Bridgett, Cassandra and Jake Avendano.

From left Joseph, Bridgett, Cassandra and Jake Avendano.

For the Dayton siblings the Avendanos, the “home field” advantage was enough to make quick work of the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt.

With the help of her siblings, Cassandra Avendano was able to find the Nevada Day medallion after just six clues on Tuesday morning. Avendano found the medallion in the opening of a cottonwood tree stump at Santa Maria Park in Dayton.

“We had the home field advantage. We have to find it,” said Avendano about the medallion being close to home. “That was our home turf,” said Avendano’s brother, Jake.

Along with their two other siblings, Bridgett and Joseph, the Avendano brothers and sisters have been participating in the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt together for five years.

Clues like beware of rattlesnakes and referring to a river and Highway 50 tipped the Avendanos off to knowing the medallion was at a Dayton park. The clue that referred to 403 also let them know the medallion was in their Dayton zip code of 89403.

The Avendanos win $1,000 for finding the medallion and Cassandra said the siblings will use the money to do something together, possibly going to a Six Flags amusement park.


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