It wasn’t supposed to be smoky in Carson City

With the wildfires burning in California, Carson City residents weren’t expected to be impacted, but the area clearly smelled of smoke on Tuesday.

Smoke from the fires has moved into the Northern Nevada area, however most of it was supposed to be trapped high in the atmosphere, said National Weather Service Reno meteorologist Brian O’Hara. Shifting winds would change the smoke patterns and impact air quality in this area but it wasn’t expected to happen for a few more days.

What Carson City will see over the next few days is cooler weather.

O’Hara said temperatures will cool today through the weekend, mostly in the upper 50s with sunny skies during the day and partially cloudy at night.

“It should be dry with really nice sunny skies,” O’Hara said.

Temperatures will warm by Monday, reaching the upper 60s for the beginning of the week.


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