Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

Donald Trump won’t (and can’t) change stripes

In his recent commentary, the estimable Guy Farmer ends with this plaintive query: “Isn’t it about time our president got his priorities straight?”

During the Republican primary battles, when Trump’s presence on the debate stage was commonly considered to be late-night comedy fodder, and on to subsequent pre-election festivities, when many on the right opined his unconventional demeanor was merely “theater” and posited he would change his stripes and become “presidential” if and when he won the election, No. 45 surprised no thinking American when the persona displayed during his campaign arguably ratcheted up his level of incoherence, bombast and poor decision-making.

Guy, like the zebra and all other striped animals, I believe I may state without fear of contradiction, Donald is not going to change. Your speculation that he may suffer Narcissistic Personality Disorder (congrats on stumping spell-check on Narcissistic, btw) is something we can agree on, but I would add it is but one of many psychological challenges facing the man and my opinion of him has begun to shift toward feelings of profound pity.

The sooner Mr. Mueller, et al complete their investigations and he is forced to resign the better ... for Donald Trump, our beloved country and indeed, the world.

Steve Waclo

Carson City


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