La Ka Le’l Be Powwow moves to MAC in Carson City for 2017

Translated to English, the La Ka Le’l Be Powwow means, “The People’s Gathering.” Organizer Martin Montgomery expects this year the name will be more appropriate than ever.

“We’re hoping the new location will provide a better sense of availability and comfort,” Montgomery said. “We can welcome new guests, both native and nonnative.”

The powwow, which is traditionally held over Nevada Day weekend dating back to the 50s, has always taken place in the Carson Colony Gym. However, as the powwow has expanded over the years, it has outgrown the space.

This year, it will move to the city’s new Multi-Use Athletic Center, or MAC, on Oct. 27-29 next to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

“We were over capacity at the other building,” Montgomery explained. “The new building has three times as much space. We’ve had to move so much of it outside, which can be a challenge depending on the weather. This year, everything will be inside.”

With the extra space, he said, the powwow plans to have about 40 arts and crafts vendors and more than 200 dancers. He’s hoping about 1,500 people will come through each day.

He said the powwow will fit nicely with this year’s Nevada Day theme of Arts and Culture. They’ve already added Hawaiian dancers to the performances and may include more.

“We want to help enrich the environment with as many cultures and diverse entertainment as possible,” Montgomery said. “We also want to be encompassed in our state’s culture.”

The powwow will also include a traditional hand game tournament to be played in the teen center of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

While there’s no announcer explaining what’s happening, Montgomery said spectators are invited to observe.

“You’re welcome to come in and take a look and listen to the drumming and singing,” he said. The tournament winner gets a $1,000 prize.

A horseshoe tournament will also take place outside the clubs. It will include music and food vendors, such as barbecue and Indian tacos. Winners of that tournament will receive $300, $200 or $100, depending on place.

For more information, follow the La Ka Le’l Be Powwow Facebook page.


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