Churchill County Museum and Archives View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Must Screen Ditches: The following letter from C.W. Grover, state fish and game warden, to Chas H. Cress, county game warden, is self-explanatory: “What, if anything is being done about the installation of fish-screens in your county. I will ask that you see to it that the law relating to screens is complied with. The people have had ample time in which to install them, and those who have not done so will be required to get busy at once. Screens are being installed in the eastern part of the state and some in this end. The weather is fine now and the water low, so that there is no excuse for anyone neglecting putting in their screen. Kindly get busy at once and notify all owners of ditches that the law will be enforced.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, December 8, 1917

President Wilson Delivered an Able Message that Will Become History: The message delivered by the President to Congress on Tuesday last is generally conceded to be one the most able state papers ever issued from the White House. A brief synopsis reads as follows: The American people are impatient with those who desire peace in any sort of compromise. The message of combined intrigue and force which we now see clearly as the German power, a thing without conscience or honor or capacity for covenanted peace, must be crushed. Our present and immediate task is to win the war, and nothing shall turn us aside until it is accomplished.

–Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, December 8, 1917

75 Years Ago

High School Boosts Bond Sales in County: That the high school bond drive will be a success was demonstrated this week when the total sales amounted to $1,024.90 for the first three days. The largest individual purchase was made by five-year-old Floyd Gibson, who produced an amazing assortment of small coins that reached the startling total of $56.25. The long awaited high school gymnasium got a small but definite boost as a $500 bond was purchased to start the funds for the gym that is hoped for after the war. This bond was raised in the recent scrap drive. Amos Marker, a sophomore student, purchased a $50 bond from money from his bus driving job and an F.F.A. chicken raising project. The F.F.A. bought a $100 bond and the Fireside Circle girls a $25 bond. Eleven $25 bonds were purchased by high school students and stamp sale amounted to $99.90.

–The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, December 12, 1942

50 Years Ago

Letters to Editor Recalls Pearl Harbor Action: To some, twenty-six years ago December 7th is just another day, but to others we wished that day never existed. We were caught with our pants down, as our fiftieth state Hawaii was bombed to smithereens in Pearl Harbor. There lies a battle wagons so called the Arizona entombing several hundred boys on that Sunday. Also, we lost several planes that never got off the ground. This little thing was immediately called war not police action — there were long seizures of battles in Africa, through Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany until then Japan, who got us into that war, so those of you just “Remember Pearl Harbor” as we do the “Alamo.”

–The Fallon Eagle-Standard, Saturday, December 8, 1967

A view from the past ... Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Dawson Frost, Churchill County Museum Intern.


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