Letters to the editor for Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017

Farmer’s opinion on Kaepernick is dead on

Kudos to Mr. Farmer for his Sept. 3 commentary opinion which many, many of the silent majority share with him. He logically and eloquently expressed his opinion and mine.

He needn’t have apologized for his mix of politics and sports. Kap brought this on himself. We Nevadans once had followed that young man with pride when he played for the Wolf Pack and made the Niners shine again.

I wish Mr. Farmer would send every NFL owner a copy of his column and every sports department likewise. Be not afraid of the ultra-liberal left, Mr. Farmer. Many, many stand beside you.

Keep up the good work holding on to yours and my conservative, traditional, moral, ethical ways. You elevate the Nevada Appeal with your chosen topics each week. Thank you.

Carol Wentzel



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