Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017

Battle Born motto is wrong for Nevada

I’ve been reading with some amusement about Nevada’s motto, Battle Born. Sorry, folks, but just becoming a state during the Civil War, mostly for political reasons, does not make you Battle Born.

The original 13 states were Battle Born; Texas was Battle Born. Nevada should go back to using “The Silver State” as its motto.

Jack Trainer


Illegal immigrants should be deported

To the Democrats quoted in “Nevada officials decry Trump move to end DACA” in the Sept. 6 Appeal: Please tell your constituents, those ungrateful illegal brats blocking the streets, to quit waiving signs and screaming their demands for rights they don’t have.

Their beef isn’t with President Trump, it’s with their parents who brought their children to a crime scene when they sneaked into our country. All we owe them is a safe trip back to the richest country in Central America. In the unlikely event they didn’t learn Spanish at home, they’re at the perfect age to pick up a new language.

Oh, and to avoid breaking up any families, we should offer the same one-way transit to their parents.

Lynn Muzzy


End of DACA is a call of action to Congress

Once again your paper has demonstrated to the public that it has not investigated a story regarding DACA.

When Obama put DACA in effect, as a temporary measure, he even made a statement it was inappropriate for him to do it. He had no authority to write or make policy regarding immigration that is a responsibility of Congress.

There seems to be elected officials who are in an uproar about President Trump stopping DACA and it is his fault that the program will not go forward. Well, it probably would go forward if those elected officials would quit cat fighting with each other about petty politics and do the job we sent them back to do.

I for one am sick and tired of the pettiness of both houses of Congress. We spend a considerable amount of money on their salaries and get nothing but lies and they are trying to keep their free ride at our expense.

Trump stopped DACA because it expired and he feels Congress needs to get off their butts and do their job. As soon as they figure out they have a businessman in charge of the country and not a mealy mouth politician, maybe we will get something done around here.

Bill Pyatt



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