Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017

LaSor is right: Antifa is a menacing movement

Fred LaSor’s commentary in Friday’s paper hit the nail on the head.

The so-called “Antifa” movement is nothing more than a group of anarchist thugs, no better than Mussolini’s Black Shirts, Hitler’s Nazis, Stalin’s Comintern or the ISIS murderers.

My first knowledge of this group was when the New York Times ran a story Aug. 20. I sent them a letter asking if we were witnessing the emergence of a new Weather Underground. Naturally, they did not print my letter — or, for that matter, any of the half-dozen or so letters that I’ve sent them in the last five years (but at least I get to rattle their cage once in awhile). After all, what does anybody from Nevada know about national politics?

The surprising development is Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of this group. I wonder what she has been smoking!

John Frink

Carson City


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