First bonds issued to build Reno DMV office

The Nevada Board of Finance on Tuesday voted to issue $14.5 million in bonds to start construction of the new Reno Department of Motor Vehicles building.

The new building is intended to relieve the overcrowding and long lines at the existing Galletti Way DMV office in Reno. But it won’t be an addition to Galletti Way. It will replace that facility.

The governor recommended and the 2017 Legislature authorized issuance of $42 million in general obligation bonds to build a new Reno DMV office.

That office will be constructed in south Reno.

Not only is it expected to greatly reduce wait times in the Reno metropolitan area, it should reduce the number of Reno area residents who have been increasingly driving south to Carson City’s DMV office where wait times are much shorter. That has resulted in long wait times in the capital.

An hour later, the Board of Examiners voted to approve a pilot program that will allow AAA to begin issuing vehicle registrations, titles, transfers and renewals.

AAA has 12 offices in Nevada but the pilot program will be at just the Carson City office for six months to see how it works. DMV Director Terry Albertson said the association provides similar services in California and other states and customers who move to Nevada are often accustomed to having AAA provide those services.

John Krueger of AAA told the board they’ve been handling vehicle registrations and other DMV services since 1900 when they first registered a Stanley Steamer. He said AAA has 338,000 members in Nevada.

Albertson pointed out customers wishing to use the services at AAA don’t have to be association members, it’s open to everyone. She said an added advantage is AAA is open on Saturdays, which DMV isn’t.


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