Past Pages for Friday, Sept. 15, 2017

150 Years Ago

Angels: Somebody says a baby laughing in his dreams is conversing with angels. But — we have seen them crying in their waking hours as though they were having a spat with the devil.

130 Years Ago

The piano: The trouble between John G. Fox and Mrs. Osborn has caused a great deal of comment. Mr. Fox gives his version: He called on Mrs. Osborn to collect a balance due on the piano and showed her the contract. She snatched it from his hand and began tearing it up. When he seized her hands to prevent the mutilation of the papers, she cried and the neighbors came flocking to the spot. The Appeal advises everyone to postpone consideration until the facts in the case come out in Justice Court.

110 Years Ago

Kittens? Five big California lions, rolling and tumbling like kittens at play, is a sight not seen every day. Fred Dudley and Even Larson were camping near Markleeville when they stopped to rest on the summit of a high mountain. They looked down into a small valley and saw the five felines playing together on the grass below. It didn’t take them long to come to the conclusion that they were not hunting lions and got away from that mountain summit on tip-toe and “beat it” for home in lively time.

100 Years Ago

Reno desperadoes: One man was killed, two injured and one thug captured in a wave of crime that swept Reno. One night’s terror included — horse and buggy belonging to George Bates stolen; two masked men jumping from a buggy held up V. Gragui; F. B. Emerson was held up and robbed of a gold watch; V. I Pilipenko, mining student at the University of Nevada was shot and killed while trying to help F. B. Emerson ...

70 Years Ago

Advertisement: Nuts and Bolts by George H. Meyers — Howdy folks: Early to bed and early to rise, and your head will never feel three times its size. Sounds like Bob Hope but it isn’t — and, as the old adage goes, the best way to get ahead is to have one. Geo. H. Meyers Hardware. Paints, oils, glass, etc.”

20 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Northgate movies — ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ ‘Excess Baggage,’ ‘Hoodlum’ and ‘Money Talks.”

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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