Talk of the Town: Digging into Eagle Valley Golf Course

What are you really thinking

When you’re driving off the tee?

It should go straight and oh so far ...

A hole-in-one would be nice to see!

Eagle Valley Golf Course

I’m not sure

How it got its name

But if we all shot “Eagles”

We’d have fortune and fame.

Dave Gebhardt is the golf pro.

He works the whole year through.

Teaching his students how to golf.

That’s what he likes to do.

They have “Family Golf” on Sundays

And “Kid’s Camp” and “Ladies Night.”

The summer is the season for golf

Unless you are uptight.

Conrad Burt manages the Pro Shop.

Setting tee times and retail, too.

You must stop in and check it out

They must have something for you.

Dave says it is his passion,

Just the playing of the game.

And without teaching his students,

It wouldn’t be the same.

They have a “50 Club Membership”

With fees and lessons reduced

With a discount on merchandise

You might just be seduced.

It really is about the game.

Yes, we know it’s true.

It just takes time and practice.

It’s really up to you!

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Eagle Valley Golf Course is at 3999 Centennial Park Drive, The Pro Shop can be reached at 775-887-2380, and Dave Gebhardt at 775-220-0050.


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