Chamber News & Views: Silver Oak repurposing Caddies as range targets

Silver Oak Golf owner Garth Richards and General Manager Terrie McNutt show off their new driving range art.

Silver Oak Golf owner Garth Richards and General Manager Terrie McNutt show off their new driving range art.

Always a trendsetter, you can count on Garth Richards to come up with unique ideas to combine his passions: his golf course, classic cars, and rock n’ roll.

Recently installed on the driving range at his Silver Oak Golf Course in north Carson City are the carcasses of old Cadillacs purchased to harvest valuable parts for his classic Cadillacs stored in his personal museum.

At first glance, the site appears to be a burying ground of old cars — or they could be headstones? The beautifully maintained range sets off what can be viewed as art — especially if you like old cars.

Repurposed today as targets for those who want to perfect their swing or practice before a game or tournament, the Caddies make for one of the most visually entertaining and unique targets of any driving range in the region — if not the state.

It was when he was in Amarillo, Texas, six years ago, driving along the famous Route 66, that Richards stopped by Cadillac Ranch and saw rows of old Cadillacs stuck in the ground creatively painted that he conceived the idea of using his cars on his driving range.

The thought languished, but with the encouragement of Silver Oak General Manager Terrie McNutt, the thought has become a reality, though the project is not yet finished.

Phase one of the Cadillac Driving Range is to continue placing additional cars head first or tail first into the ground. The second phase is to place the likeness of Elvis, Betty Boop, and Marilyn Monroe within the scene. The distance marketers will come next, followed by a special contest to allow selected artists the opportunity to paint the cars with the winner earning a scholarship. The hope is to have all this completed by Oct. 15 — Silver Oak Community Appreciation Day — that will allow families to enjoy the opportunity to “break a window” on the driving range between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. — free!

We predict the Cadillac Driving Range will be on the list of “go-to” sites to visit for out-of-towners.


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