Letters to the editor for Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017

On NFL protest: Patients are running the asylum

A new criteria for drafting potential NFL players has emerged ... the ability to take a knee while keeping your back straight. Those with premature hump or slightly misaligned vertebrae will not be considered.

What has Kap wrought? Kneeling has morphed into a fad where even singers are taking a knee. Soon the reason for kneeling will be forgotten and not matter as long as you are able to kneel. It is sort of like wearing pink ... we are all aware, but we still have to be reminded while the reason continues to exist.

The flag, the anthem and the meaning will continue to exist as it always has in spite of a few malcontents who somehow think that scoffing and disrespect will somehow make their plight better.

Maybe they should put more effort into winning games and/or find new work. The NFL is losing because it is its own worst enemy as the patients are running the asylum.

Kelly Madigan

Carson City


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