The Popcorn Stand: Popcorn and beer, but stay healthy

Today is quite a day when it comes to holidays as for the most part it’s for the lazy among who don’t always care for our health and yet it’s also a day calling on us to really care for our health.

April 7 is Caramel Popcorn Day and of course I don’t need an excuse to eat caramel popcorn. I’m still a huge fan of Cracker Jack and of course the more modern Crunch N’ Munch. And of course in the Popcorn Stand, I always have to write about anything popcorn when given the chance.

April 7 is National Beer Day, which actually makes sense because it commemorates April 7, 1933 when after the repeal of prohibition, at least in a number of states in this country people could again legally buy, sale and consume beer. The night before on April 6, 1933, millions of Americans waited in line until midnight on “New Beer’s Eve.” Now we wait in line for things like the Apple IPhone 7 or something or other, it seems every few months.

It’s ironic because it seems the only thing we wait in line for any more is technology because technology has made waiting in line for anything else obsolete.

Back to beer as I’ve written before I’ve never understood the acquired taste thing, which includes beer. To this day if somebody holds an open beer can up to my mouth it makes me gag.

But on this day I guess it’s OK to have a beer with your caramel popcorn. But in moderation. Because today is also World Health Day, although it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me World Health Day is on the same day as Caramel Popcorn and National Beer Day.

It also makes no sense to me today is also No Housework Day since doing housework I think would be a pretty good way of staying healthy. My guess is No Housework Day is a passive-aggressive rebellion against all those neat freaks who love spring cleaning. You’ve probably guessed I’m not a neat freak since I’ve used the term neat freak.

I have other plans today, but otherwise I would’ve had caramel popcorn with a (root) beer while skipping spring cleaning. If everything goes well I will feel better about myself, though, as I’ll stretch to improve my health on my way to getting a Carl’s Jr. $5 all-star meal.

— Charles Whisnand


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