Domestic battery suspect faces new charges

The man jailed last week on two counts of felony domestic battery now faces 10 counts of contempt for repeatedly contacting the alleged victim.

Christopher Rosemann, 32, was jailed on suspicion of battering his girlfriend and her 14-year-old son when he attempted to defend his mother.

According to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Justice of the Peace Tom Armstrong ordered he have no contact with the victims. But the arrest report says Rosemann made multiple calls from the jail to the victim’s phone number.

The arrest report says Rosemann admitted to calling the victim from the inmate phone in the jail.

Because he violated the judge’s order not to contact her, he was arrested on suspicion of 10 counts of contempt of court, each of them carrying a $1,000 bail. That’s on top of the more than $30,000 bail set on the original felony domestic battery counts.

The charges were filed as felonies because the arrest report states he has two prior convictions for that crime within the past seven years.


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