View from the Past

100 Years Ago

It Is Said Influenza Again Troubles Reno-Reports come from Reno to the effect that influenza has taken a new start and that the schools are closed. On the subject the Gazette says: The wearing of masks and the general use of the influenza vaccine made at Mayo Brothers Laboratories are recommended by Dr. J. A. Ascher, county health officer, who states that some of this vaccine is now in the hands of the state hygienic laboratory and available for anyone. “It is universally known”, said Sr. Ascher, “that the Mayo Brothers through their researched operates through a foundation established under their own million dollar gift foot research works, for the prevention and cure of disease. The results of the laboratory work of the Mayo Foundation are as soon as obtained made available to the public for its benefit through the physicians of the country. Undoubtedly the claim of Mayo brothers as to the efficient of the vaccine are correct for their assertion in such matters are never made without ample preliminary statistical proof. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, December 14, 1918.

75 Years Ago

Comparison Made of War Casualties- The office of war information recently announced that just prior to the beginning of heavy fighting in Italy, our total war casualties up to september17, were 105,205. This is after 22 months of warfare and on comparison to the First World War, we have suffered extremely light losses. In World War 1, after 20 months of warfare, we had suffered 365,800 casualties or approximately 8 percent of our total mobilization of about four and one-half million men. All figures, of course, include killed, wounded, and missing. In this war, then, taking the conservative figure of 8 million as or mobilized manpower, we find we have suffered only about1.3 percent of casualties. There is a reason for this, according to military authorities. Whenever possible, we have had a superiority in equipment that has been responsible for the saving of thousands of American lives. Your War Bond money buys that equipment. Buy more War Bonds and save an American life! The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, December 4, 1943.

50 Years Ago

Oil Truck Demolished By Fire- A stove oil delivery truck was damaged beyond repair when it caught fire late Friday afternoon five miles south of Fallon on the Schurz Highway, according to fire department personnel. The spokesman said the cause was undertermined, but the fire may have started under the tank. However, the vehicle was too badly burned to be certain. The truck was owned by Ken Tedford, a Richfield distributor. Fireman responded to three other fires since then. Sunday, at 5 p.m, they were called to Tom Ormachea’s ranch on Harrigan road where a haystack was burning. They returned to the same place for the same reason at 5:40 a.m Monday. Wednesday at 4:50 p.m, another haystack caught fire on Ormachea’s Rogers Road ranch. Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, December 6, 1968.

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives researched and compiled by Brianna Silver, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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