Daniel Aaron Suppe’

June 26, 1984 - November 19, 2018 On November 19th, 2018, the Earth said goodbye to a father, son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, and friend. Daniel has left with anyone who knew him a smile as pure as gold, and an infectious laugh that will forever penetrate our heavy hearts and souls. Daniel caught a lot of attention for a head full of curly, golden hair, which always seemed to be different in some beautiful way each time you would see him. His love for music was always evident, and had a true knack for playing and learning and loving to appreciate all kinds of music. He was a quick learner for any instrument he set his focus on, whether the drums, the guitar, saxophone, or his voice. Daniel spent time in the Army, where he was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska as a UH-60 Blackhawk mechanic before returning home to spend time with family. He enjoyed riding his motorcycle, cruising in his Subaru, tossing a frisbee with his brothers, spending time with those he loved, and laughing that infectious laugh; but above all, he had a daughter,  Andrea, that he loved with all his heart. She  was his life since the day she was born, and inspired him from the very beginning to be  and do his absolute best and lead a life that would leave her happy, healthy, and inspired. Daniel's siblings were his best friends,and each will keep with them sacred, intimate memories of a brother whom they loved very much. On more than one occasion he gave the shirt literally off his back, and was a tough-enough hombre to endure the cold that others felt in order to see them comfortable and happy.  Selfishly, those who love him wish him back with every moment, clinging to the memories of a man who had more potential than he  will ever know, but also understand that he is no longer suffering. His death came unexpectedly and untimely. We love you, Daniel, forever  and always until we meet again in Heaven. Celebration of Life to be held on Saturday Dec. 8 3PM at Last Harvest Church,  160 E. Long Street Carson City NV and continue in the Grand Ballroom in the Brewery Arts  Center 449 W. King Street


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