Nevada voter registration climbs after election, sets record

The number of registered Nevada voters has continued to increase even after the Nov. 6 General Election.

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske said the active voter rolls grew by 25,067 to a record 1,585,995 between the close of registration Oct. 18 and the end of November.

The reason for the increase was the heavy turnout of 62.4 percent in the election.

That turnout greatly decreased the number of voters listed as inactive. But total registration still rose by 7,365 to 1,775,311 between the deadline for registration in the election and the end of November. That, too, is a record.

Inactive voters move to the active list when they show up at the polls, affirm they’re still Nevada residents in the district where they’re registered and vote.

In all, 975,980 people cast ballots this election cycle.

Democrats still hold a commanding registration lead in Nevada with 609,149 registered, 38.4 percent of the total. Republicans number 529,319 or 33.4 percent of registrations.

The swing vote in most elections remains the non-partisan independent voters who now number 348,352 in Nevada.

The heavy Democratic turnout Nov. 6, apparently aided by non-partisan voter support, swept Republicans from all the state’s constitutional offices except Secretary of State and handed the party a veto-proof two-thirds majority in the Assembly. They’ll have 13 of 21 state Senate seats in the 2019 Legislature.

Finally, Democrats now occupy both U.S. Senate and three of four House seats representing Nevada.


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