Letters to the editor for Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018

Reader opposes view that vandals’ intent was not malicious

I am responding to Master Sergeant Tod B. Jennings’ letter to the editor titled, “Let’s use memorial vandalism as teaching opportunity for all.” Sir, I am diametrically opposed to your opinion. I am a senior veteran who served in the United States Army National Guard and the United States Navy. I am a disabled vet and I hold a fierce sense of patriotism to our wonderful nation.

“There was not a bit of maliciousness by these young people who did the damage.” How could you possibly know what these perpetrators were thinking? Perhaps you may be psychic or you know the little perps.

Why are these “kids” not in custody? Who will pay for this abomination? The parents? You?

Cause and effect.

I guess “boys will be boys.” I am sickened.

Good day, sir.

Kerry J. Drake

Carson City

No respect, that’s the problem

To destroy something as these four kids did shows some parents are too within themselves to teach their kids respect for other people’s property such as the memorial or breaking windows in a car or breaking into someone’s home or car. Also, while driving put away the cellphone and stop texting. I almost got sideswiped on Highway 50 by a guy in a pickup truck on his phone.

We honked our horn to let him know what was happening and he slowed down and gave us the “bird.” No respect. He sped off on the white line.

Also, some people don’t want trash in their car, so they throw it out the windows for someone else to pick up instead of taking it home and throwing it away. Too cheap to take it to the dump but not too cheap to buy a carton of cigarettes or a six- or 12-pack of beer or a $20 or $30 bottle of whiskey.

No respect.

Ralph Newcomb

Carson City


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