Sandoval OK’s $3 million for med student fellowship programs

Gov. Brian Sandoval has approved spending $3.3 million to create four graduate medical education fellowship programs.

The recommendation was made by the Graduate Medical Education task force and the money is contained in the state’s executive budget.

Sandoval said graduate medical education is important to grow the number of physicians in the state and increase access to high quality healthcare.

The Board of Medical Examiners says there are now 175 licensed physicians in Nevada per 100,000 residents. That’s far fewer than the 261.8 doctors per 100,000 nationwide.

Sandoval said at present, Nevada produces more undergraduate medical students than it has available residencies and fellowships. In addition, he said Nevada lacks fellowships in some specialties.

As a result, many of those students have to leave the state for further training. Records indicate many of them don’t come back to Nevada after completing their residency, staying instead where they received that training.

Sandoval said the new fellowships will increase the number of students who complete their training in Nevada and, hopefully, set up practice here.


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