Democrats crash and burn

If there was any doubt the Democrat agenda of bigger government, more regulation, higher taxes, and more spying on American citizens was doomed to fail, President Trump is proving that every day with just a few simple actions.

Unemployment is at the lowest rate in 17 years. Minority and youth unemployment are at record lows. The labor participation rate is at a high not seen since 1973. Businesses are optimistic. Wages and take-home pay are increasing. Expansion of manufacturing and other businesses is at a high not seen since the Reagan presidency. All stock market indices, although undoubtedly due for a correction, are at a record high.

According to Democrat leaders, only government can manage peoples’ lives effectively. Their eight-year demonstration of that belief has now crashed and burned. The facts show differently. How could such an unthinkable thing happen in less than one year?

President Trump accomplished a turnaround by several actions. First, he has eliminated 16 regulations for every new one implemented. He has reversed nearly all of Obama’s illegal executive orders. A major tax cut is putting more money in workers’ pockets, allowing businesses to pass additional money in bonuses and wage increases to workers without affecting profitability, and bring back billions of dollars held overseas in formerly lower tax countries. The mere possibility that immigration laws would be enforced sent thousands back across our borders.

I watched President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. At times it struck me that the speech was almost Reaganesque. Well, maybe the content, but Reagan had mastered a delivery that Trump has not yet obtained. Trump, however, was himself. His delivery was in his plain-spoken way and directed at the people rather than Congress.

He was seen as presidential by most of the media, albeit grudgingly. He was definitely not politically correct. He mentioned God and the American spirit numerous times. He laid out his accomplishments as summarized above. He also brought home the common sense steps he sees coming up.

Democrats, on the other hand, came across as sore losers. Many looked like petulant children when the camera panned to them. Nancy Pelosi looked constipated. Just my opinion. At least Bernie Sanders was seen politely clapping as needed. Democrats still haven’t gotten over the fact that Hillary lost. Further, some may be squirming as the government corruption found at high levels is slowly exposed. Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose, so that corruption could continue to be covered up and ignored.

As one pundit said, “If you are a Trump supporter, you loved it. If you are not, you are seeing red.” Democrats were definitely seeing red, as were most media people. (I don’t want to lie and call them reporters.) For example, Trump lauded the American people and the American spirit. Contrast that with Obama, in whose first State of the Union address he talked about himself four times as much as Trump.

It is no wonder the Democrats hate Trump. In one short year he managed to turn the Obama economy around. In one short year he has managed to get the attention of regimes like North Korea and Iran and terrorists like ISIS. In one short year he has reestablished the international credibility that we deserve. He noted peace must be obtained through strength, not appeasement. Definitely a Reaganesque view.

In one short speech Trump managed to show the country he is not the stupid, incompetent imbecile the media likes to portray. Trump used the word “our” 104 times. He used ”we” 129 times. And he used the word “I” only 29 times. He used families who have lost loved ones to illegals to show the other, darker, side of illegal immigration, that of American citizens. He lauded heroes across the country. Oh, and he laid out a compelling reason to stand for the national anthem.

So the Democrats have a major problem. The Trump economy is proving the very basis of their belief of greater government control as being flawed. Further, Trump is proving to those minorities who have historically supported Democrats that his way is better for them. Trump’s national security and immigration proposals cut the legs out from under Democrat positions. And his views on national security and foreign relations goes against the grain for apologist Democrats.

So Democrats, good luck continuing with your agenda. When a speech can appeal to 75 percent of the country, you are on the wrong track.

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