The Popcorn Stand: From Punsatawney to Pyeongchang

Today is Groundhog Day and as I’ve written before I never look forward to this day because I have to type Punxsatawney in reference to Punxsatawney Phil from Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania. You see I’ve already had to type Punxsatawney four times in two sentences.

So I’m really not looking forward to the Winter Olympics as who knows how many times I’ll have to type Pyeongchang. It’s bad enough the Super Bowl is in Minneapolis. Although typing Pyeongchang admittedly isn’t as difficult as typing Punxsatawney.

Of course today is the day Punxsatawney Phil sticks his head out to tell us how much longer winter is going to be. As I’ve written before when it comes to the weather I agree with Myra Fleener from “Hoosiers” in trusting the Farmer’s Almanac.

Norman Dale sees Myra planting her garden in the mud and asks Myra if she always plants in the mud. Myra replies the Almanac says it’s time. Dale asks Myra if she always trusts the Almanac. “Always,” she says.

One question I have is why is Groundhog Day celebrated on Feb. 2. Why not Feb. 1? I mean we don’t celebrate May Day on May 2. April Fool’s Day isn’t on April 2. And who came up with the idea. I mean who said, “you know what we should do to figure out how much longer winter is going to be? We should find this groundhog and see if he’s scared of his shadow or whatever, that will tell us.”

I can imagine the guy saying we’ll do it on Feb. 1 and then forgetting, so then deciding Feb. 2 would be as good a day as any.

Happy Groundhog Day everybody.

— Charles Whisnand


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